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As highlighted above, there are eight practical actions which we work with CEOs and business owners to help achieve a better result in their businesses - that is by improving profitability and improving cashflow.


  •  pricing strategy;
  •  reducing direct costs;
  •  reducing indirect or overhead costs;
  •  selling more.


  • collecting accounts receivable more quickly;
  • optimising investment in inventory;
  • managing payments to creditors (without damaging your supply chain relations);
  • optimising investment in productive fixed assets.


We further work closely with CEOs and Business Owners in the important aspects of:

  • Looking at business performance on a wider perspective than revenue and profit;

  • Understanding the critical importance of cash flow management;

  • Simplifying the management of company balance sheets (Accounts receivable / Inventory / Accounts payable / Fixed Assets)

  • Defining, prioritising and managing projects where money is being spent for future benefit;

  •  Continuous forecasting;

  • Use a calculation of Return on Investment as well as Cashflow to make better decisions;

  • Understanding the impact of price changes on businesses.

We look forward to helping your business achieve a better result as well!  Please call us for a no cost, obligation free initial consultation.